Thursday, February 25, 2010

Music and Wine

This Thursday began with all the makings of what one might consider a "traditional" or "formal" wine party. Dancing, live music, and of course a chilling bottle of Dom Perignon. However, our dancers were much smaller and much more adorable, the music was more simple and heartfelt, and the Dom... well it's still Dom. Tonight is a celebration of sorts. A celebration of things passing, things of the past, and a toast to what will be. Here's the wine-up:

Dom Perignon 2000

Will: Well, it's Dom. Very deceptively mild bouquet, with a nice crisp almost a light amethyst in color. Mid acidity almost a creamy kind of chalky finish that lasts and lllaaassstttsss. Very delicious, very easy to drink. Whats in a name?

Zeke: Not much nose, even after it warmed up. A hint of Gala apple and gooseberry...?? Nice acidity and dry with a touch of creaminess that lingers. My first encounter with a high-end champagne--THANK YOU, WILL!

Nichole: Dom. I never thought I would have the pleasure! It is less sweet but just as crisp as a perfectly ripe green apple, mildly acidic, dry finish at first and then my mouth feels like buttah! Hey Zeke, when we have been married for ten years and every ten after, this better be what we are enjoying! Unless you find another 1998 Argyle Extended Tirage somewhere in the world!

Merryvale Starmont Chardonnay 2007

Nichole: Upon first hitting the nose - VANILLA! So, I knew it would be an oaked chardonnay. Slightly tart with a lingering creamy finish. I am not a huge oaked chardonnay fan, but I would drink this with food. It definitely needs food.

Zeke: Delightful! A blast of vanilla with hints of orange blossom and Comice pear. The mouthfeel is buttery and the finish goes on and on. I highly recommend this Chardonnay, which has not been a favorite varietal of mine.

Will: Coming soon...

"Is this what emo used to sound like?" - Will (on hearing Mineral for the first time)

"Kids..." - Zeke

"Damn, we're old" - Nichole

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